Sunday, October 3, 2010

MAC Venomous Villians Collection Haul and Review

I have been waiting for this collection for a while. Of course you know I love all things MAC make-up so this collection was no exception. I love Disney - not necessarily the villians, but I'll take the good with the bad. In my opinion this collection was full of great finds. I wanted to get more, but my funds wouldn't let me. I've got a family to take care of people! LOL.

This collection had so many wonderful options. I purchased the MAC Mineralized Eye Shadows in My Dark Magic and She Who Dares from the Maleficent part of the collection. Both wonderful selections. Awesome colors. I tried a look with My Dark Magic.. the colors are very dark. It has a pink side and purple side...with many colors but some ingraining of black. I would use this in my crease to create a smoky eye...not all over the lid. Its too dark for me. It has lots of glitter, which I didn't realize this from looking at photos and swatches. But still a very beautiful eye shadow. I've swatched She Who Dares but haven't yet had an opportunity to incorporate it into a look. I can't wait to try though. Some very nice colors in this palatte as well. It has a green side and blue side. Still chunky glitter with some black ingraining. I wanted to try these because it reminded me of the shadows from the MAC Style black collection. Which I missed out on those shadows. So I just had to get these. I can tell I'm going to love them both.

Also I purchased three items from the Dr. Facilier Collection: Melon Pigment and Magically Cool LiquidPowder in Cajun. I read mixed reviews on this product and I wasn't sure I wanted to purchase it. When I swatched it in the store it blending beautifully on my skin. It has a liquid cooling sensation and feels really good on the skin. I really love it and I'm glad I made this purchase. Its quite an amazing product. Like nothing I've ever had. It gives the skin a glow, not shimmery at all.

The Melon Pigment is a repromote and I've always wanted this color. So I purchased it. It is a very beautiful peachy, golden color. Very beautiful.

The Brash and Bold Pigment is a repromote and I had it from a previous collection. I pulled it out and dusted it off. I hadn't used it in a while. I will incorporate it though into one of my looks.

I also got the mirror from this collection. It is a double sided mirror with one side magnified. I needed a mirror for my bag and thought this would be cute and perfect. The mirrors are pretty large.

I refreshed my Plush Lash mascara, which is the best mascara that MAC has. Gives lashes load of volume and length, while separating your lashes.

 Side note: I got a lipglass in Best of Breed from the Fabulous Felines Collection. This is the only item I picked up from that collection. It has a blue tint but goes on pretty sheer on the lips. Can't wait to try this over a pink lipstick!

Overall, I love this collection. I wish I could have got more products. Like the blush, beauty powders, lipsticks, and lip glasses. Oh well, MAC comes out with collections so often, I don't feel like I missed anything. What did you get, or will buy from this collection?

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  1. I'm new to mac. today was my first day actually wearing mac and I loved it. never though I would say this because I am budget friendly when it comes to make up but i see my self buying more products from them maybe even this collection.